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Professional coaching & training in Munich

SOLUTIONSURFING is an inspiring and different way to lead, to coach and to generate change. From the outset, we focus on the solution and we practice - like a surfer in the ocean - the riding natural forces to make progress effectively and efficiently.

If you - as a manager, consultant, coach or HR professional – are looking for greater ease, appreciation and sustainability in your working day, or you want to inspire people to achieve their goals with more ease and energetically overcome challenges, then we invite you to experience this profound paradigm shift with 

We have made the experience that this is possible!

Ease, appreciation and performance are not mutually exclusive, but on the contrary, they can be mutually strengthening if we are targeted our efforts, direct the focus of our work consistently on the resources of our employees or clients, and focus our attention fully on the analysis of possible solutions. Getting the best of it all! You can experience how this works through our education and training or even individual coaching! We look forward to meeting you.

You can experience this in our trainings and with one-to-one coachings! We are looking forward to meeting you. 


SolutionSurfers® goes Germany!

SolutionSurfers has being launched in Germany in September 2017, as well as our successful training in solution-focused brief coaching!

By now, two classes have already completed the course and we are happy to offer a new course in 2018. The next course will start on February 1, 2018. More information on dates can be found here ...