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Becoming more centered, resilient and fulfilled in your leadership

  • Do you (still) know what inspires you about your leadership journey?  What are you passionate about? What gives you purpose at work (and in life more broadly)?  
  • Are you aware of your full range of strengths and resources and know how to leverage them in such a way that they can achieve lasting effect in your work with ease and elegance?
  • Are you taking (enough) time to celebrate your successes? Are you aware of your unique contribution to this success and use it as tailwind for the next opportunities ahead?

These questions (and many more) are discussed in our Centered Leadership Workshops.  It is only if you know what inspires you that you can also inspire others.  Only if you are aware of the importance of your strengths and know how to make the best use of these forward-looking forces, can you also sharpen the focus on the strengths and resources of your employees.

 Our workshops are based on the “Centered Leadership Model” which was developed by Joanna Barsh and her team in 2008, and has been tried and tested in hundreds of workshops worldwide. . (Read more:

This model is combined with our customary solutions- and resource-oriented approach, which offers space for your own discovery, meaningful conversations and new learning!

  • Discover what we can learn from successful leaders!
  • Start with us on your journey to lead with more purpose, clarity and impact!
  • Experience the difference between this new focus, in your normal business day but in your ability to shape your life more satisfactorily, with more resilience and happiness.

Come to us, take two days for yourself and go back to your leadership role with more energy, passion and purpose.

Aktuelle Ausbildungen & Workshops:

SolutionSurfers® goes Germany!

SolutionSurfers has being launched in Germany in September 2017, as well as our successful training in solution-focused brief coaching!

By now, two classes have already completed the course and we are happy to offer a new course in 2018. The next course will start on February 1, 2018. More information on dates can be found here ...