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Individual Coaching

Solutions-Focused Brief Coaching for Clarity, Impact and Inspiration

  • Are you looking to change something in your personal or professional life and want to explore new pathways?
  • Are you in the middle of a change process and are looking for ways to master your new challenges with tailwind?
  • Do you want to take time to pause and to re-reflect on what's really important?

In individual coaching we can concentrate entirely on your personal themes and work together to explore new pathways, potential solutions, and discover the first small steps to start this journey. 

We work according to the approach of the solution-oriented brief coaching method. Using this we focus solely at the solution level. Your "problem" may simply be relegated to the background, in line with the saying: "It is the answer, not the problem that counts."   Through our consistent solution- and resource-oriented approach, we often only need a few conversations to:

  • Create new clarity,
  • Mobilize your energy and re-discover your own resources that will support you on this journey
  • Find a view of the future that is viable and creates energy for more
  • Recognize the first small steps.  

In brief coaching we assume that between 1-3 sessions will be sufficient to achieve this, and we know from experience that the effects are often more sustainable than lengthy coaching arrangements. Have confidence, and give your solution a chance - it is already waiting to be discovered by you.

Common coaching themes

  • Positioning, re-orientation and role change: 
    discover your strengths, gifts, talents and opportunities, activate your individual skills and develop specific professional and / or personal development steps.
  • Clarity in decision-making questions:
    you develop new perspectives, expand the solution space and provide clarity for the next steps
  • Support for new challenges in leadership and team situations:
    You gain clarity about potential actions and develop customized strategies with which you can meet the challenge competently.
  • Self-control towards more resilience and satisfaction:
    You find ways to become more relaxed and more productive within your work situation and therefore bring more ease and satisfaction in your professional life (and your life). 

Aktuelle Ausbildungen & Workshops:

SolutionSurfers® goes Germany!

SolutionSurfers has being launched in Germany in September 2017, as well as our successful training in solution-focused brief coaching!

By now, two classes have already completed the course and we are happy to offer a new course in 2018. The next course will start on February 1, 2018. More information on dates can be found here ...